Mustad Marine's Veteran Crew Hall of Fame

Crew Waving PicI have been extremely fortunate to have had the pleasure of sailing with so many great and capable people on various deliveries over the years. Thank you all! 

This special recognition is reserved for those who have crewed for at least 4,000 nautical miles on various deliveries, and who have honorably earned their respective nicknames during some memorable episode along the way.

8 Bells for Capt. Richard "Dicky" Lanam 
Capt. Dicky sailed into the sunset in 2005.  He was a good friend and comrade who will always be missed by those that knew him.  Dick sailed with me to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan in 2002.  He loved telling jokes and bringing smiles to people's faces. A great guy who we all miss.
    Capt. Patrick "Moon Papa" Douglas - 4,800 Miles
Captain "Moon Papa" has made two Hawaii passages with me and is always looking to do more as long as it doesn't interfere with his #1 priority…his Grandchildren!
    Capt. Jim "Thermal Lightning" Bock - 4,455 Miles
"Thermal" crewed on
Hawaii, Newport, San Diego and Cabo deliveries. His never quit sense of humor always keeps everyone rolling unless, of course, he's busy getting a "Brazilian hot wax treatment"...don't ask:-)      
 Pic Coming Soon   Capt. Ted "Pookie Wookie" Biggs - 4,410 Miles
Ted is a father of two wonderful girls, husband to a beautiful wife, recent USCG licensed Captain, and is in the process of obtaining his PhD. from UC Santa Cruz. But his life's greatest achievement and goal thus far has finally come to fruition:-)   Thanks Pookie!

    Honorable Mention as of April, 2011: 
    Capt. Patrick "Moony" Williams - 3,230nm
    Dylan "Shifter" Garrett - 2,800nm
    Gabe "Bomber" Turco - 2,400nm
    Dr. Holly "Neap" Williams - 2,400nm
    Capt. Allen Bellinghausen - 1,900nm
    Capt. Dan Brazelton - 1,800nm
    Capt. Mark Miglio - 1,375nm
And to the many more, Thank you!

I currently have over 140 people on my passage crew list, many of whom are former students of mine.  However, I’m always looking to add good capable crew who are eager for more sea time and experience.  If you have boating experience and are not prone to sea sickness, please email me and I’ll add you to the list.  You’ll periodically receive a Passage Notice from which you may submit your interest for one or more passages.  I will then contact you to discuss your background, experience, availability, etc.  You may want to have a boating resume prepared. Details will be provided for each passage concerning pay, travel, expenses, etc. Passages to foreign destinations will require a valid passport.