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I don’t know of any other human endeavor that encompasses such a vast body of knowledge as boating.  From celestial navigation to diesel mechanics, and from sail trim to weather, this activity of passion covers it all.  Welcome to the University You Never Graduate From…or UYNGF for short:-)

In this respect we are all students, all the time.  The destination we seek is in the journey itself.  The best skippers understand this immutable fact. 

Therefore I make no promises that in “X” number of hours you will become expert in boat handling, seamanship, navigation, etc.  Each individual learns at his/her own pace and in his/her own way.  My patience is virtually inexhaustible. What I try to do is explain the fundamentals and coach in a way that best makes sense for you.  I’ve taught hundreds of students over the years to sail, navigate and handle power boats; so no matter how hard you try, I guarantee that you will not be able to make an original mistake:-)

I offer the following private coaching and consulting services (click links for further details): (Coming soon)

  • Private coaching aboard your own boat
  • New Vessel sea trials and offshore deliveries
  • Consultation and boat preparation for cruisers


 Scott Duncan, legally blind sailor & circumnavigator

"A very special thank you goes out to Captain Arnstein Mustad, our sailing instructor, who has brought discipline and great experience to enhance our sailing skills.  Arnstein is a huge supporter of the circumnavigation in so many ways!"

Scott and Pam, the world's first legally blind circumnavigators 
 SFSU Student Sailing Course  Nautical Chart:-)
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